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2012 11 22

Roberts Karate @ Tri-City Martial Arts 1st Annual Charity Tournament

On Sunday, November 18th, 2012, Roberts Karate participated in the 1st Annual "Guelph Open Karate Shiai" Charity Tournament.  The tournament was hosted by Tri-City Martial Arts & the Canadian Naha-Te Goju Karate Organization, and took place at Centennial High School in Guelph, Ontario.

This was the first time in twelve years that members of Roberts Karate participated in a karate tournament, and this occasion was for an excellent cause - in support of the charity "Right To Play".  Right To Play helps to create social change in disadvantaged countries and communities.  Through the use of sport and play, Right To Play educates and empowers children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict, and disease.  For more information, and to help support Right To Play, please visit

The tournament was open to all styles of karate, and was attended by a variety of dojos from across the region.  Roberts Karate was represented by Black Belt Candidate Gabriel Bain, Sensei Alex MacKeigan, and Renshi Stephen Ferraro.

2012 Guelph Open
Representing Roberts Karate, from left: Gabriel Bain, Renshi Stephen Ferraro, and Sensei Alex MacKeigan

Both Gabe and Sensei Alex faced a large number of focused competitors within the popular Black Belt Division.

In the Kata event, both Gabe and Sensei Alex provided a strong demonstration of Shorin-Ryu karate for the Judging Panel, with Gabe demonstrating Kusansku Sho, and Sensei Alex demonstrating Gojushiho.  After viewing a diverse variety of kata from many different disciplines of karate amongst the competitors, the Judges awarded Gabe with a 3rd place finish.

2012 Guelph Open - Black Belt Kata
Black Belt Division - Kata: Gabe takes 3rd Place

In the Kumite event, both Gabe and Sensei Alex emerged victorious from their opening matches.  Sensei Alex then fell just short of victory during his second match, while Gabe would end up finishing just out of the top 3 - taking a 4th Place standing.

2012 Guelph Open - Black Belt Kumite
Black Belt Division - Kumite: Sensei Alex awarded a point

Renshi Ferraro competed in all three events within the Sandan and Up Division (3rd Degree Black Belt and higher).  During the Kata Event, Renshi Ferraro demonstrated Kusanku Dai, and was awarded 1st Place by the Judging Panel.  Renshi Ferraro later demonstrated Hanshi Nakazato's Shorinkan No Tonfa during the Kobudo Event, and was again awarded 1st Place.

2012 Guelph Open - Renshi Ferraro
Renshi Ferraro demonstrates Kusanku Dai kata

The senior ranking Black Belt Division concluded with Kumite.  After a sudden death 4-4 tie in the final match, Renshi Ferraro finished in 2nd Place.

In attendance to support Gabe, Sensei Alex, and Renshi Ferraro, were members of Roberts Karate: Sensei Darryl Bennett, Sensei Gary Young, Sensei JD Smith, Sensei Rob Ksiadz, Ola Ferraro, and baby Katrina Ferraro.

Roberts Karate would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the event, as well as express our thanks to Event Organizer Sensei Tom Cako of Tri-City Martial Arts, along with thanks and appreciation to all whose efforts made the day a success.

- Photos courtesy of Sensei Rob Ksiadz.  For more, view the album on Roberts Karate Facebook.


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