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2012 01 09


Annual Family Christmas Banquet

This year’s Christmas dinner was another great success with 76 students, family and friends attending.  The demonstrations by the Black belts and the 2012 Black belt candidates were fantastic and entertaining.  Thank you to everyone for coming.

Black Belt Candidate Classes

The schedule for the Black Belt classes has been posted and distributed.  All Black Belts are welcome.  The emphasis is on getting the candidates ready for their Grading.  The other Shorinkan Dojos have been notified and invited to join us.  The classes will start Jan. 22nd from 9am to noon.  They will be held every other Sunday until early May.  It is strongly urged that all candidates attend as many as is possible.

Dojo Black Belt Pre-test

This is for all Dojo Black Belt Rank Candidates and will be held on Saturday, May 26th starting at 6 am sharp.  All fees and essays are due on this date.  This is the long, physical portion of the grading.

Black Belt Grading 2012

Kyoshi Pat Haley (8th Dan) will be in attendance, as Vice-President of Shorinryu Shorinkan Karate Association, and will join Kyoshi Rick Roberts (7th Dan) on the Grading Board.  This is a regional Shorinkan Grading and several Candidates from Ontario Dojos will be in attendance.  Presently, there are 2 testing for Godan; 1 for Yondan; 2 for Sandan; 2 for Nidan; 4 for Shodan.  The grading will take place on June 1st, and all family and friends are welcome.  This is the formal portion of the grading and will take approximately 2 hours.

Winter Weather

It is inevitable that we will get some nasty weather in the coming weeks, predicted and unexpected.  We will notify CJOY of any closures and place a notice on the dojo’s website, Roberts Karate Twitter, and on Roberts Karate Facebook page.

Kobudo (Weapons)

Starting in mid January, we will begin training in nunchuku.  This will be taught weekly in class (except for Novice Youth classes).  We train with foam nunchuku (pronounced Nun-Chuck-u) and they will have a cost of $15.00 each.  Those not wishing to participate will work on hand kata.  A sign-up sheet will be at the Reception Desk.

2013 Trip to Okinawa

Although it seems a long way off, it is not too early to start planning, and saving, for this absolutely phenomenal trip to train with Hanshi Shuguro Nakazato in his personal Dojo, and with Hanshi Gibo in his Dojo.  There will be sightseeing, and special activities while we are there.  More details will follow, but mark your calendars for 10 days in July 2013.  We plan on taking about 25 students from our Dojo and other area Shorinkan member dojos, parents are welcome, any student under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Kyoshi Pat Haley will be our tour leader.  More details will follow over the next year.

Attention Brown Belts!

I want to remind all Brown Belts that a requirement of your Black belt grading is that you have completed 80 hours of teaching in classes other than your own.  Some consideration may be allowed due to inflexible work schedules, but you must speak to Sensei about it long before you run out of time.  This especially applies to those hoping to test for Black Belt next June.

Introductory Program for New Students

The 8 week Introductory Program is $129.00 plus 13% HST and includes a Gi.  Please tell your friends of your experiences at the dojo and invite them to try a couple of classes at no cost.

Winter Classes at the YMCA

The "Y" have asked us to teach an introductory class again this winter.  It will be similar to our Dojo Introductory program, but less intensive.  Any of the "Y" class students who may wish to continue in karate will join the dojo following this special intro program.

We are looking for Brown Belts to assist us with these classes.

"Happy New Year!  May Happiness & Joy
Follow You Throughout the Year"

- Kyoshi Roberts & Sensei Steve


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