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2011 04 18

NEWSLETTER - Spring 2011

Kyoshi Pat Haley

Kyoshi Haley will be here for another exciting weekend of seminars from May 13-15th.  The schedule and sign-up sheets can be found at the reception desk.  Shorinkan Dojos from across Ontario will be attending, and it will be a fantastic series of classes. 

On Saturday, Teens and Adults are welcome to join us for dinner at 5:15pm at Shakespeare Arms.  Following the final Black Belt class at 9.00pm, we will be meeting in Kyoshi Roberts’ hotel room at the Day’s Inn (located at Harvard and Gordon) for refreshments and conversation.  All adults are welcome.

Spring Clean-up: Saturday, April 30th

The Spring Clean-up will take place from 10am until noon.  This is the annual spruce up of the Dojo and volunteers of all ages are requested.  Friends and family are welcome.  The more hands onboard, the faster the job gets done.  PIZZA WILL ARRIVE AT NOON.

Black Belt Grading 2011

This year we have 2 students grading for Shodan: Jessica Gaughan and David Mussar.  The Grading consists of two parts: the Pre-Test on Saturday, June 11th from 6am to 1pm; followed by the Formal Grading and presentation of Kata on Saturday June 18th at 10am.

The Formal Grading is open to all students, friends and family.  I would urge you to attend the Formal Grading to witness the culmination of a long journey and to lend support to 2 of our finest students.

Brown Belt Grading

All students hoping to test for any Brown Belt level rank in May or June will grade on Saturday June 11th starting at 6 am sharp.

Summer Karate Classes

I know that many of you will soon be planning summer sports and vacation activities.  The summer schedule will begin on June 28th.

The summer classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays with all children starting at 5.30 pm and teens / Adults starting at 6.30pm.

Dojo Children's Camps

Sensei Steve Ferraro will be conducting week long children’s camps this summer.  Details will follow.

Summer Camp 2011

Hanshi Doug Perry’s Little Okinawa Camp in North Carolina will take place from August 25-28th.  This is held at a youth camp with available rustic camper sleeping and eating facilities.  Limited space is available a local motels.  To stay at the camp a student must be at least 14 years old.  Please see Kyoshi for details.

Dojo T-Shirts

We have designed a great looking T-shirt that will be available in limited quantities in the next few weeks.  This will identify you as a Roberts Karate student and will look great for the summer.

Roberts Karate T-Shirt 2011
Roberts Karate T-Shirt Design Concept


     "Persevere and Do Right"
      - Kyoshi Roberts


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