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2010 09 20

NEWSLETTER - September 2010

Sensei Roberts and Sensei Steve hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer.  It has been very hot and the good weather gave lots of opportunity for fun.  We hope that you are looking forward to as great a new season as we are.


We are pleased to tell you that Sensei Roberts travelled to Naha, Okinawa Japan this july to train with Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato, 10th Dan the Grandmaster of our style of karate.  While there, Sensei Roberts was fortunate enough to be promoted by Hanshi Nakazato to 7th Dan (Nanadan) and given the title of Kyoshi.  Kyoshi Roberts wants to thank all of his students for all of your support and he says that he would not have achieved this rank without you.  Arigato gozaimasu.

Rick Roberts Nanadan
Sensei Rick Roberts Promoted to Nanadan (7th dan, Kyoshi) on July 29th, 2010 at the Hombu Dojo

From Left: Kyoshi Pat Haley (8th dan) of California, Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato (10th dan Grandmaster of Shorinkan), and Kyoshi Rick Roberts (7th dan) of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Fall Schedule

Please visit the Class Schedule Page for our Fall Schedule

New Programs - Traditional Weapons (Kobudo)

I want to increase the knowledge base of our students in the area of traditional weapons.  The purpose is to increase coordination and general physical skills.  Traditional Okinawan weapons are fun and interesting.  In our style these include Bo, Tonfa, Nunchuku, Sai, Kama, and Eku.    We will start with Shushi no kun a bo (staff) kata, then Kubo no kun and then moving on to nunchuku dai ichi.  All students regardless of rank will participate.  The classes participating will include Adults, Teens, and Advanced Children.  If the interest is there, Separate weapons class will be added to augment the in-class instruction.  Sensei Alex MacKeigan will be assisting me and will be a resource to students on weapons knowledge.

Classes at the YMCA

The Y have asked us to teach an introductory class this fall.

Little Dragons

Little Dragons will begin on Wednesday, September 15th and will meet every Wednesday at 5 5:30pm. This class is for 4-6 year olds.

Introductory Program Fees

The 8 week Introductory Program is $119.00 plus 13% HST and includes a Gi.  Please tell your friends of your experiences at the dojo and invite them to try a couple of classes at no cost.

Kyoshi Pat Haley

Kyoshi Haley will return to Guelph on November 5, 6, & 7 for a combined Weapons (Kobudo) and Karate seminar.  Details will follow.

Brown Belts

I want to remind all Brown Belts that a requirement of your Black Belt grading is that you have completed 80 hours of teaching in classes other than your own.  Some consideration may be allowed due to inflexible work schedules, but you must speak with Sensei about it before you run out of time.


     "Welcome Back to an Exciting Year!"
      - Kyoshi Roberts & Sensei Steve


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NEWSLETTER - September 2010

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