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Roberts Karate Kata List & Grading Requirements

Rank Obi Colour Requirements
Mukyu Yellow
Kihon Uke & Kihon Geri
Kihon Dachi & Kihon Ippon
Kihon Nihon
10th Kyu Orange
Kihon Sanbon & Fukyu Dai Ichi
Empi Waza & Fukyu Dai San
Fukyu Dai Ni
9th Kyu Purple
Fukyu No Kata
Taikyoku Shodan
Taikyoku Sandan
8th Kyu Purple-Black
Taikyoku Godan
Shuto Waza Dai Ichi
Niahanchi Shodan
7th Kyu Blue
Niahanchi Nidan
Niahanchi Sandan
Bo Taiso
6th Kyu Green
Pinan Shodan
Pinan Nidan
Yakusoku Kumite I
5th Kyu Green-White
Pinan Sandan
Yakusoku Kumite II
Tonfa Taiso
4th Kyu Green-Black
Pinan Yondan
Pinan Godan
Nunchuku Taiso
3rd Kyu Brown
Passai Sho
Shi Oh Hi
Yakusoku Kumite III & IV

Fitness Requirements
Teaching Requirements Begin: 80 Hours of Teaching before Shodan (Black Belt) Grading
2nd Kyu Brown-White
Passai Dai
Yakusoku Kumite V
Yakusoku Kumite VI
Review All Kata

Fitness Requirements
1st Kyu Brown-Black
Kung Chi Shodan
Kusanku Sho
Review All Kata

Fitness Requirements
Shodan-Ho Black-White
Yakusoku Kumite VII
Review All Kata

Fitness Requirements
Shodan Black Belt Gorin
Review All Kata
Fitness Requirements

  • 5 mile / 8 km Run under 50 minutes
  • 500 Push-ups
  • 500 Sit-ups
  • 500 Jumping Jacks
  • Hundreds of Kicks & Drills
  • All Kata
  • Sparring against multiple opponents
  • Demonstration of Bunkai & Self Defense
  • 10 Page Essay
Nidan 2nd Rank Black Belt Kusanku Dai

12 Page Essay
Sandan 3rd Rank Black Belt Gojushiho

15 Page Essay


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About Our Ranking System:

The ranking system exists for the purpose of tracking and identifying a student's progression throughout the curriculum studied at Roberts Karate.  Progressing from 10th to 1st Kyu could be thought of as progressing from Grades 1 to 12 in our education system, with Black Belt rank representing more advanced degrees of Post-Secondary Education.

Kyu Rank:

Kyu Rank designates the descending levels of progression towards Dan (Black Belt) rank.  Practitioners who hold Kyu rank are known as Mudansha (below Black Belt rank).

Beginning at 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt), students are required to spend 80 hours instructing their Kohai (junior) students.  The experience of serving in an instructional role allows the senior Kyu students to develop a better understanding of kata and the mechanics of basic techniques.  The experience also helps students to develop leadership qualities which are applicable to life outside of the dojo.

Dan Rank:

Compared to the descending progression of Kyu Rank (10th to 1st), Dan Rank ascends from 1st to 10th.

Earning the rank of Shodan (1st Rank Black Belt) signifies that a student has developed a solid foundation and high level of proficiency with the fundamental basics which comprise Shorin-Ryu Karate.  Earning a Black Belt is not the end of one's journey and study in Shorin-Ryu Karate, but the beginning of moving beyond the basics.

Black Belt level practitioners are known as Yudansha.