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At Roberts Karate, we teach an effective style of Okinawan karate known as Shorin-Ryu. This is a very old Okinawan fighting system which focuses on quick, efficient, and effective movements; and is the ancestor of modern Japanese karate.

Our students range in age from 4 to 55+ and we offer appropriate classes for each student's needs.  Because no two students are alike, every student brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the dojo.  Each student is driven towards being the best they can be, and constantly strive to “raise the bar” on their quality as both a student of the martial arts, and as a human being.

A significant portion of karate training is focused on kata.  Kata is the foundation of the art of karate, in the same sense that a good background in mathematics is essential training for the mathematician.  Kata is a prescribed sequence of steps, strikes, and blocks combined in such a manner as to allow us to practice them with a view to achieving all of balance, speed, power, precision, and grace of execution.  It also serves to demonstrate technique and strategy while defending yourself against multiple imaginary opponents.

To a layman, kata would appear to be no more than a series of beautiful and graceful movements involving blocking, punching, and kicking.  In essence, kata is the medium through which the students communicate their attitude, their weaknesses, and their strong points, thereby enabling their instructor to guide their development carefully and meaningfully.

Kata is very demanding. It demands the ultimate in balance, power, speed, concentration, breathing, confidence, and humility.  These are some of the important inputs of the character-building which should be part of every human being's early training.  In the Shorin-Ryu Karate system, emphasis is placed on Kata.  However, it should not be understood that the concept and necessity of self-defense is ignored or de-emphasized.  It is our experience and the experience of the generations of Okinawan Karate masters that true self-defense is possible only after serious training in the above mentioned demands of kata.

Visit the Kata List Page in order to see the curriculum taught at Roberts Karate.

In addition to kata practice, training consists of effective self-defense technique, traditional Ryuku Kobudo (weapons) consisting of bo, tonfa, sai, nunchuku, kama, and eku; along with skilled kumite sessions.  We DO NOT teach sport karate.  We teach Karate-do: the way of the empty (Kara) hand (Te).  An effective ancient fighting style created hundreds of years before trophies, flashy uniforms and rewards.  Training in Karate creates a healthy lifestyle; quality of life is its own reward.

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Roberts Karate in Okinawa
Head Instructor of Roberts Karate - Kyoshi Rick Roberts

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