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"Persevere and Do Right" The Dojo Kun of Roberts Karate


The necessary attitude and spiritual focus that any student of the martial arts, regardless of the art, must be perseverance, "to never give up".  The endless hours of kata practice, the thousands of repetitions of basic techniques. Kicks, punches, blocks; over and over and never being satisfied with less than perfection.

Never giving up on your training, your goals & dreams, and yourself is the basic currency of success in both karate life.

"Do Right"

With every privilege, with every extraordinary skill, with every ability that is superior to those around you, comes a duty.  That duty is owed to your fellow man and to those who taught you these special skills.  That duty is to use those skills in accordance with your conscience, to never use them for evil purposes, and to use them responsibly.  Use what you have learned for the cause of improving the condition of your fellows and defending those who cannot defend themselves.

The Origin of the Roberts Karate Kun

Sensei Roberts has spent many years researching his family's ancestral origins.  On his maternal side, the earliest known ancestor was Sir Ralph de Pomeroy, a Knight who lived at the time of William the Conqueror in England in the year 1066.  The de Pomeroy's family motto was "Persevere and Do Right".  It struck Sensei that this motto was highly appropriate in two ways.  It perfectly described the attributes that he wanted to instill in his students, and it had profound personal significance.  To carry on this 11th century family's warrior philosophy was only fitting for the training of 21st century warriors, some 950 years later.

Pomeroy Crest
Pomeroy Family Crest:
Persaventia Et Recte Faciends
"Persevere and Do Right"